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Lisa / January 13, 2015

Countdown to The Farther I Fall (4/5)


One more week to release–have you pre-ordered yet? Today’s excerpt features Gwen and Lucas coming face to face for the first time as star and tour manager. How will their steamy first meeting affect their working relationship?

Don’t forget, next week is the official Facebook release party for The Farther I Fall, January 20th at 7:30PM eastern!

Gwen got to Sam’s office early for her first meeting with Lucas Wheeler and his entourage. She was surprised to discover that not only was the star already there but he’d only brought one other person with him. When he stood and turned around, Gwen wanted to sink into the ground.

Oh bloody hell, it’s him, the man from the club. He still looked to die for, in artfully ripped jeans and a T-shirt about a size too small under a leather jacket. His eyes widened, and she knew he recognized her as well. What was he thinking? Was he remembering the way she’d slithered against him, or was he remembering the way she’d made a fool of herself when she panicked and ran? Her body tingled at the memory of his arms around her, of his mouth against her ear. She was certain she was blushing brightly enough for anyone to see.

Before either of them could say anything, Sam came around her desk. “Lucas Wheeler, this is Gwen Tennison, your new tour manager. Gwen, Lucas Wheeler.”

Gwen stepped up and extended her hand, and another prickle rushed up her spine at the warmth of his fingers against hers. Shit. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wheeler.”

“After our first meeting you should probably call me Lucas,” he said. “Or was I so forgettable?”

Damn it, couldn’t he have at least pretended he didn’t know her? “Ah, right! The club the other night.” Gwen saw Sam twitch out of the corner of her eye. “That was you, wasn’t it?”

He smiled thinly in return, unamused. “So, I hear you’re a sergeant.” He looked at Sam. “We need military involvement now? Are you expecting to lead a charge, Sergeant Tennison?”

“Ahh, no,” Gwen said. “If I’m to call you Lucas, you must call me Gwen.” She tried on another smile and it almost fit.

“Got a lot of experience with the music business, Gwen?” He was looking at her so intently she felt like he was crawling around inside her skull. He would have to be a bastard about this.

“Sergeant Tennison comes highly recommended from her superiors,” Sam said, stepping in. “She’s got experience in most of the major areas we look for in a tour manager. I think you’ll find she’s a woman of many talents.”

“Is she.” Gwen recognized appraisal in Lucas’s eyes as he looked her up and down. “Yeah,” he said. “I’ll bet she is.”

Gwen kept her smile nice and neutral, the way she would have under fire from a superior officer. “At any rate, I’m quite accustomed to making order out of chaos. Which I understand was a primary job requirement.” Lucas gave her the same neutral smile, and they stood watching each other until Sam broke the silence.

“And this is Craig Davies.” She indicated the other man, dashing and handsome with silver hair. He was on his feet extending a hand. “Craig is staying on as the front-of-house engineer,” explained Sam. “He was filling in as tour manager for a while, but that sort of double duty is too much to expect of anyone.”

Craig grimaced, raising a question in Gwen’s mind. Some history there, then.

Sam cleared her throat. “Now, we’ve got some details to work out. Shall we?” She gestured at the chairs around the desk. The four of them settled in and got to work.

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