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Lisa / September 22, 2014

At Loose Ends


I really hate being between projects.

Now the good news here is that my second book for Intermix (which really needs a proper title!) has a completed first draft. I finished it on Saturday night, with much rejoicing on Twitter and a celebratory early night to bed (I know, I am a wild woman).

But finishing a first draft always leaves me with a sense of “…now what?” There’s a period after finishing something big where my brain is just not quite ready to dive into the next book, but where there’s a hole left by the big project I just finished.

Add to that, the sense that the book I just finished isn’t really finished–the editing awaits!–and I get a little frustrated. So what I try to do is have a backlog of smaller projects ready and waiting for me. I figure I have at least a couple of weeks before I’m ready to dive in to editing the book–ideally it would be longer, but I’m worried about giving myself enough time to edit before my deadline. In the meantime, here’s what I’m going to be doing:

I have several short story ideas rolling around for my male/male romance pseudonym, Jade Cain, so I’ll be working on those. I’m doing a complete rewrite of a previously published story, and also noodling with the next story in the For Queen & Country series.

I’m taking a class on self-editing from the amazing Angela James, which–ironically–will probably lead to me doing some early editing on the book, but will also keep me busy.

And I have a proposal for book three to write. I am super excited about this one! Take a heroine who is equal parts Black Widow and Jason Bourne and throw her in with a hero who’s a cross between Penelope Garcia and Alec Hardison. Season liberally with danger and shady government organizations. I can’t wait to get started for real, and to get to know Jennifer and Gabe.

Now. If I can just figure out what to CALL book 2, I’ll be in great shape…

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