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Lisa / June 20, 2014

The Farther I Fall, available January 2015


I have signed a two book deal with Berkley Intermix!

My debut novel, THE FARTHER I FALL, is scheduled for publication in January 2015.

Gwen Tennison, a former B ritish Army medic, gets a job as the tour manager for rock star Lucas Wheeler: gorgeous, recently out of rehab, and 100% trouble. After a life-threatening injury in Afghanistan, Gwen’s battling demons of her own and trying to cope with the unexpected loss of her military career. Her job is to keep Lucas off drugs and on time–until letters from an obsessed fan mean she has to keep him safe as well. Soon Gwen isn’t just fighting to guard Lucas, but also her heart. With Lucas’s stalker getting bolder, and Lucas fighting temptation to relapse, Gwen and Lucas have to learn to trust each other—not only to stay together, but to stay alive.

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